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Fuck Faces Lyrics Scarface. The rimmy that she gimme, a Phillie and its tranquilized Thinking to myself at this time and realized She ain't got on panties so damn it, it's in the signs Somebody's getting fucked tonight to my surprise. Sucking and fucking, man she loved to do it I bust 4, 5, 6 nuts in her mouth, when she come to my house I know that's my bitch and she don't tell nobody shit She keeps it cool, she said that pussy's mine. Girl stop licking right there you killing me Go ahead and touch it right there and fell the P This some cold blooded shit with a bitch you let me sit through. Damn hoe I must admit, that's whit it hit me So I dips into the world of forgotten fuck faces You getting buck places, drinking, love, and sex chases.

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You said she wouldn't I knew the bitch would 'Cause I'm a veteran, twist them in the game so fast With this pimping, bitch, you ain't go last I got to get 'em, let 'em know I'm pimping really.

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Then rubbed it, hugged, it and shoved it in her cock Tried to tell her to stop but the bitch wouldn't listen I guess a dick that's hard as rock, is what these hoes be missing And in return she used her stolen credit cards to by me casing And later on she got this bone and gives me fuck faces. But you ain't knowing she's a tramp and a slut and all that shit Every chance you get you trying to call that bitch Quite a few niggas got the pussy But every time I see her got to stop and look. And because the way I rhyme, she let me fuck her all the time I'm thinking about keeping this bitch by my side Girl so fine niggas dreamed they fucked her and lied But I'm numero uno, the one and only. Walked behind her whispering love songs She started smiling so I handed her this bathing suit And told her try it replied, while with these light brown eyes I'm shopping for a lady friend about your size. Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language: Unless I'm getting paid, the shit is temporary Exchanging fuck faces, making hella noise Getting freaky as fuck and go and tell my boys 'Cause It's like that, that's how we do this shit, bitch.

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Too short fuck faces lyrics
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Too short fuck faces lyrics
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