Picture of chimpanzees facial expressions

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Interesting, both of these dimensions concern the mouth and the shape of the lower face. Constants across cultures in the face of emotion. Scientists believe studying the behavior of chimpanzees lends insights into human evolution. An illustration of how custom facial expression morphs were created using Poser. These features include the degree of mouth opening, either from AU26—jaw drop, or the more extreme AU27—mouth stretch, and from the degree of lip retraction AU12—lip corner puller or puckering AU22—lip funneler. With the creation of ChimpFACS and the development of the standardized, prototypical Poser expressions described earlier, the question of how chimpanzees process facial expressions, configurally or using feature-based cues, can be re-addressed in a more controlled fashion by manipulating action units individually and in combinations and presenting these to subjects using similar discrimination studies as described earlier.

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Journal of Nonverbal Behavior.

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These are listed in pairs. Constants across cultures in the face of emotion. The results of this experiment confirm that for each facial expression, at least one component movement was perceived as having greater salience than the others. Home About Us What is a sanctuary? Evidence for the inversion effect in chimpanzees Pan troglodytes Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience. Each expression was paired with an example from every other category, in the same dyadic format as described above.

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Picture of chimpanzees facial expressions
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Picture of chimpanzees facial expressions
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